Estd. 1964


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The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious Order founded by St.Ignatius of  Loyala in 1540, has been active in the field of education through out the world since its origin.  In the world the Society of Jesus is responsible for 1865 Educational institutions in 65 countries, 356 of them being secondary schools. The Jesuit School aims at the integral personal formation of the young.

  • To accomplish this, special efforts are made:

  • to help the students to become mature, spiritually-oriented men of character

  • to encourage them continually to strive after excellence in every field;

  • to value and judiciously use their freedom;

  • to be clear and firm on principles, and courageous  in action;

  • to be unselfish in the service of their fellowmen; and

  • to become agents of needed social change in their country.

The Jesuit School thus aims at making its own contribution towards a transformation of the present-day social conditions so that principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom, respect for religious and moral values, enshrined in the Constitutions of India, may prevail, and the possibility of living a fully human existence may be open before all.

(Jesuit Education Association of India)

     A HUMBLE BEGINNING….. (History of the School)

It might sound strange…difficult to believe…. to know about the beginning of such a big institution, St. Xavier’s School as it stands today.

Once upon a time… in 1961-62 Mr. K. P. S. Menon (I.A.S.) the then District Magistrate of Burdwan… had gone to St. Xavier’s Calcutta to seek admission for his son in K.G…. but sadly enough he was refused. He then made up his mind to start another English medium school in Burdwan and his son would be the first student…!

               Determined, Mr. Menon went to Asansol and met Mrs. A. Saxena, a family friend. He cajoled, convinced and compelled her to help him start an English medium school in Burdwan. He offered his staff to help her. He asked her to conduct a survey in the town. The response was not very encouraging…. Many were skeptical.

               On 14th Nov. 1962, Mrs. Saxena was lodged in the Circuit House for a month, then for a month in Agricultural Farm. As Mr. Menon was the President of the Managing Committee of the Town School, he was able to get two rooms. In January’63 Ms Morris, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Saxena and later Ms Chandy began the school with Nursery and L.K.G. Mr. Hati lent his bus. Mrs. Saxena used to pick up the children from house to house. This time Mrs. Saxena and the four teachers had to stay in the premises of the church at Curzon gate.

               Hardly had the school got onto its feet that the Town School authorities started cribbing about the inconvenience to the school. So in a huff, in Feb.’63 the school was shifted to the District Magistrate’s bungalow. Now they had Class I and II.

               When Mr. Menon came to know of his transfer and further training in agriculture abroad, he could not leave his dream unfulfilled. He contacted the Jesuits in Calcutta. The Jesuits were reluctant but Mr. Menon’s persistent effort ultimately bore fruit. The Jesuits agreed but with conditions that... (i) the school should have separate building and a playground (ii) should get six teachers with English background. Fr. A. Wautier S.J. was the then Superior of the Calcutta Province.

               The Jesuit Fathers came to Burdwan on 2nd Feb.’64. Fr. Wautier S.J. appointed Fr. Gales S.J. as the first Principal of the school for one year. Within a short time, he created a good rapport with the people of Burdwan. He took the teachers to Darjeeling for an exposure of English medium schools (St. Joseph’s and Loreto). He was a very good pianist. The teachers discovered this, when Fr. Gales was playing the Organ in the Chapel of St. Joseph’s. His priestly qualities impressed the staff and the people.

               The First Founder Governing body of the school was known as Burdwan Educational Trust. Mr. Menon was the first President, with Dr. Sailen Mukherjee, Dr. Shakti Pabi, Dr. N. Maitra and Advocate Jyotirmoy Mukherjee as members.

               Then after a year came Fr. Hinq S.J., a good administrator. During his time the second floor was built and the pond was filled up. He also had a hostel with 20-30 seats. But due to the political upheavals of the time, the hostel was closed down.

               After that the modern history takes over…….


……. As told by Mrs. A. Saxena