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The driving force behind every Alumni / ae Association is to give back to society, our Alma Mater and to build a healthy fellowship among Alumni / ae members. It is a forum where like-minded Xaverian can add value to their lives.

In order to become relevant in a highly commercial-consumerist-selfish world, so that they can make a difference through a network of other Jesuit Alumni Associations who contribute meaningfully. We wish to preserve the heritage of the Alma Mater and the Alumni / ae. Our active members participate in local, zonal and National meetings and projects and to support Jesuits in their endeavors.

Our idea of ‘giving-back’ will be realized with the knowledge that giving is always relative to what one has; that money and material resources are certainly important means to our ends BUT equally important are the time and skills contributed to the oppressed and marginalized, and to our Alma Mater.


(A) Our ‘giving till it hurts’ will be conducted in a spirit of humility and sincere  love. We have to be grateful for being in a position to contribute and for having our contributions accepted.

(B) We ought to exercise integrity in our thoughts; deeds and words courageously practicing what we preach and holding ourselves accountable in all we say and do.

Therefore, to put the above in practice, we should have :

(a) Persons for record keeping (Minutes and accounts) and communication; 

(b) Money to fuel our activities and projects;

(c) Website with updated information on Member associations, activities and also a Newsletter 

(d) A ‘Directory’ --- containing what individual members are doing. Information which can be tapped at the time of need by other members for future activities and projects of the Association.


(i) Supporting the school whenever required e.g. in maintenance of library and laboratories, etc…..

(ii) Assisting the teacher-student development process, e.g. exchange programs, more topical relevant courses;

(iii) Providing forums where parents can keep updated on creative ways of parenting….

 HERITAGE :            

(a) to institutionalize the ‘Passing-out’ programmed and include programs to keep in touch with the students after they leave school;               

(b) to create records (CD-ROMS) of ex-students who can serve as role models for the existing students.

 SOCIETY :    

(i) Association projects to retain its focus on the poor and marginalized, such as Medical clinics, etc…

(ii) Bank of ex-students (or others with similar attitudes) to provide thought and leadership to such projects as environmental concerns…..

(iii) The Association can work with other NGO’s to further the cause of Human Rights, Rights of children and women, etc…


     JAAI (Jesuit Alumni Association of India)
JAAI (Jesuit Alumni Association of India) has achieved a milestone in its history. Early this year a  group of Alumni from Spain had visited Kolkata.
This time it was our turn to pay a visit to Spain. After a lot of hassle regarding visa – finally the trip was realized in September ’08.
From our School alumnus Kiran Mondal with Debabrata Hazra as a companion represented Barddhaman St. Xavier’s . Here are some snaps to show how they  enjoyed the trip.
We expect future collaboration among Jesuit schools of Spain and India.